Projects Ending December 2015

dec1501: Plant Propagation and Garden Automation
dec1502: Human Dielectric Equivalent Model
dec1503: Modular Audio Mixer
dec1504: Future Wearables
dec1505: SIDS Alert Device
dec1506: Unified Butterfly Recorder (UBR)
dec1507: Unity Point Health: Health Care Analytics
dec1508: Pulley Print Reprogram
dec1509: 3D Reconstruction Using Time-of-Flight Sensors
dec1510: iVend Product Delivery Sensor design
dec1511: Laboratory Instrumentation and Monitoring
dec1512: A Capsule-Oriented Extension of C
dec1513: Wireless Mesh Networking App
dec1514: Environmental Control and Automatic Imaging System for Miniature Greenhouses
dec1515: Trusted Electronic Systems
dec1516: Television Remote Programming for the Elderly and Others that are Mentally or Physically Impaired
dec1517: Improved Magnetic Sensor for Oil/Gas During Drilling
dec1518: Portable Diagnostic Kits: Three-Dimensional
dec1519: Efficient Measurement of Soil Microtopography to aid the Verification of European Space Agency and NASA Satellite Observation of Soil Moisture
dec1520: High Photo-Voltaic Penetration and Impacts on Distribution System
dec1521: Central Online Grading System
dec1522: Power Plant Relay Placement